Throw Back Thursday: New Zealands Most Popular Websites As They Were

Instead of looking at a way to improve your marketing ROI we thought today we would jump on the social media trend bandwagon with a Throwback Thursday. #TBT as it is known on Instagram is essentially where you share old content or images from the past.

Today we thought we would take a look back at New Zealand websites as they were back in the late 90s when the Y2K bug was a real threat and in the early 2000’s when we knew it wasn’t. To view the websites of your favourite brands below simply click the slider and slide left to right.

Let us know your favourites in the comments and if you want to know where we managed to find these old photos scroll to the bottom of this post.

Note: This post is best viewed on a Desktop device using Chrome/Firefox. The Before/After image sliding can be a bit buggy with this many websites featured so you may need to refresh if they all don’t show. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully we wont feature on a #TBT to bad coding sometime in the future.

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What Your Business Needs To Know About The New .nz Domain Name Extension

Domain names have been rapidly changing lately with a huge range of new top level domains released. These new domains make it possible to register a domain name ending in .guru, .club or even .sexy (and hundreds of other options). These changes are also not limited to english with it now possible to register a domain name in another language and have it end in .公司 (.company), .在线 (.online) or many other non-latin scripts.

The biggest development in New Zealand domains however is not the new TLDs, it is the release of the .nz top level domain extension which allows you to register instead of requiring an additional second level extension such as or This move by the Domain Name Commission has been met with excitement, frustration and a large number of businesses that aren’t even aware of the change. So what do you need to know?

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3 Social Media Infographics Every Business Needs To See

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data which aims to present the data in a quick and clear way. In recent years, infographics have seen a boom on the internet with people using them for SEO and content marketing purposes, to showcase their design skills or simply to jump on the band wagon.

For a different way of learning about social media marketing here are 3 of our favourite infographics that we find useful and hope you do to.

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The Best New Zealand Directories To List Your Business In

One of the first things you should do when starting SEO and embarking on a link building campaign is to ensure the website is listed in the best directories. These are easy links to get and whilst they won’t get you ranking for a competitive term they will help. Directories have had a bad rap since Google’s algorithm updates targeting low quality links, however if you ensure you only list on high quality directories which are useful, well designed and have potential to send you traffic then you will be fine. Its important for each directory listing to have unique content so ensure you go to the effort of rewriting your business description. Continue Reading